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Article: MULTI-USE LIFESTYLE | Purchasing with Purpose

MULTI-USE LIFESTYLE | Purchasing with Purpose

MULTI-USE LIFESTYLE | Purchasing with Purpose

We all know that single-use plastics are bad. That is unless we have been living in deep denial or deep in the woods somewhere. Plastics are getting the most attention right now, as they should, they are poisoning our Earth. Realistically though, we should be deterring the production and consumption of any item that is single-use, or even designed for short-term use, no matter what it is made of. 

The discussion of lifestyles takes place so much these days, that the word has reached buzz worthy status. We don't want to forget what the core of that discussion is though. Whether you think about a lifestyle as being a set of virtues or principles, or more activity based, our chosen lifestyles guide how we impact our surroundings. With so many advancements in the way we can produce basically anything, we have to consciously choose options that prioritize sustainability over convenience. 

There are things in our modern society that are too difficult to obtain any way other than in some sort of container, like most beverages, or sauces, most non-solid food items. And in most places getting a fully prepared meal to go, even one that is healthy and filling, is all too easy. But those bottles and containers stack up, and even if they can go in our blue or green bins, the energy it takes to produce them can't be reversed. That should encourage us to be cooking more at home, purchasing whole ingredients that don't need packaging that we can turn into something healthy and delicious ourselves. Some things need to be specialized, but eating out less, focusing on a diet that incorporates whole foods and less processed items will decrease how much waste we create. 

Using recyclable items is great, we want all the materials we use to fit into a closed loop system, but something that can be used over and over again before it moves on is even better. And as we have learned lately, a large percentage of Canadians are not recycling properly, which results in more landfill waste. 

An item that we can re-purpose or use multiple times in different ways, has a longer life, potentially an infinitely useful one. Glass jars for example. Mason jars specifically are a very trendy item. And we love that! There are innumerable uses for a glass jar with a lid. Serving and transporting food/drinks, crafts, decor, and storage of anything that will fit. It is one of the most useful things you can have on hand, and something that can be used again and again. (And if they do get damaged in some way, they are recyclable.) We suggest buying a few and keeping them in your car, your home, at work, anywhere, just in case. We take on this practice as part of our #nocupnocoffee commitment. 

We want this mentality to spread to designers of all industries. Think about planned obsolescence - all the focus is on sales, not on the impact to the bottom line of our ecosystem. This is an issue in the tech sector especially. Some technology does need to be upgraded, but if we could say goodbye to the desire to have the newest thing, the most up to date item, we could likely get a lot more use out of our items. 

The same goes for fashion. We all want a few exciting, more out there pieces for fancy occasions. Our every day wear though, should be as versatile as our life is. SALT styles are designed with longevity in mind. Their quality, eco-friendly fabrics are friend to the environment, the palette we choose from is timeless and goes together with everything, so you can keep the items you purchase longer and wear them more.

We want everything from our store to be both beautiful and useful. From the Uashmama paper bags, to Falcon Enamelware, to beautiful handmade serving boards, we try to carry items that can be used over and over for all kinds of different things. We are excited to bring in a few new re-purposeable items, like Goldilocks cotton beeswax wraps, and our own line of SALT candles, that melt away to leave you with a cocktail glass. 

In the end, it really comes down to choices, options, and being conscious of our decisions. Purchasing with purpose can decrease the amount of waste going into our oceans and landfills and help make our Earth happier and healthier. What items do you find the most useful in your home?

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