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Article: FATHERS DAY | To the Dads!

FATHERS DAY  | To the Dads!

FATHERS DAY | To the Dads!

Father, Dad, Pops, Papa, Daddy, Dada, Old Man - there are a lot of names we could call the guys who gave us half our DNA. No matter what you call him, he's the figure we'd like to pay tribute to this week.

In the past, Dad's were stereotypically supposed to be the tough guys. They were the ones tasked with protecting us and teaching us to be strong. They were meant to be a stern presence in the house that you respected and obeyed. They weren't given a lot of leeway on how they were expected to behave.

There is no less respect for these men in our lives now, there is just a shift in the way we see their roles. There is much less pressure to adhere to the archetypical Father character.  

Men are allowing themselves to be more comfortable talking about their softer sides. You can see them in small gestures if you look closely. The way they learn to braid your hair when Mom isn't around. They way they hold us when we scrape our knees and tell us it's ok to cry. They way they play catch, even though they were never good at baseball. The way they read us stories at bedtime. 

We'd like to think that this side of Dad is becoming a more popular topic. Men operate on an emotional spectrum just as much as women, and we're thankful that they are stepping up to express themselves a little more. It's healthy for them personally, meaning it will be healthier for their families. Cheers to happier households all around!

We've got lots in store that you could pass on to your Pops to let him know you appreciate him. Whether you write him a card, buy him his new favourite shirt, or just spend some quality time together, make sure he knows that he matters.


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