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Article: OOTD | Putting It All Together

OOTD | Putting It All Together

OOTD | Putting It All Together

Do you dress from the bottom to the top, or the top to the bottom? Do you dress by season? By mood? Choosing an outfit isn’t always just about throwing on something clean and heading out the door. Our outerwear is often an expression of our inner selves.

Sometimes, no matter how strong our personality, building a wardrobe and deciding on what to wear everyday is not easy. Everyone has those days where they try on 7 different tops that end up in a pile on the bed, and you inevitably choose something you are tired of. Or you have that one piece that you love but can’t figure out how to wear it.

We picked an outfit that we love, and we’re going to break it down a little. How these pieces go together and why we love having them in our closet.

This outfit is put together with some of our favourite items at SALT. It is versatile for both seasons and occasions. You can imagine it strolling through a Spring or Fall market, or at brunch. Even at the office; the neutral tones and quality fabrics are professional and it is still comfortable enough to last all the way through Monday morning meetings.


Ula V-Neck Tee | Integrity





Brand: SALT


Everyone needs that staple tee that they can throw on for any occasion and know it’s going to look good. The Ula Tee is that for us. It’s v-neck and rounded hem give it a feminine feel that looks great on any shape. It works with any bottom, and can be worn on it’s own or under any style of top layer, like a blazer or cardigan, for a variety of looks. The Integrity print gives the outfit an extra bit of interest, and is hand drawn and printed for authenticity. 

Skinny Hazen High Waisted Denim | Blue Pride

Brand: Mud Jeans 

We’re pretty sure the skinny jeans style is here to stay, so having go-to denim in a slim fit is a smart choice. The tapered leg and high waist of this silhouette balances sexy with conservative, making for a work appropriate option that is also stylish. You’ll also feel good about wearing Mud Jeans for the BCI certified cotton, and the option to lease them back. Perfect with ankle booties, flip-flops, or something taller in the Fall.


Oceana Cardigan | Heather French Terry

Brand: SALT

The Oceana Cardigan is made from our bamboo french terry. The Heather contrasts with the black of the tee and brings some lightness to the outfit, both in colour and in how it moves with you.The long hem works with the tight ankle of the jeans so that the bottom of your outfit isn’t too heavy.The length also adds a bit of class, allowing it to stand out and feel a little more formal if need be. Plus, it is so soft and comfy!


Wool Floppy Hat | Black

Brand: Connor Hats

The beauty of a wide hat is that it can totally update your look in one move. Black goes with everything, so it’s a solid choice for an accessory. The curvy brim is playful, and might just create the opportunity for a few long-lashed, upward glances in a choice direction. The wool makes it easy to travel, as unlike some fabrics, it can get a little rolled or squished and still keep it’s shape. And it’s soft fit is less likely to leave you with hat hair if you need to remove it indoors.


Shop the look in multiple colour options online and in-store today!

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