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SALT Travel Candle | Howe Sound

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When you take a deep breath on a walk in the woods, the crispness that fills your lungs reminds us why nature is so precious. Light up the wick of this clary sage, birch tar, and fir infused option to feel like the perfume of the forest is wafting through your windows, even when they're shut tight.

  • Feel  | Fall Rain, Smoke, Fir, Moss
  • Scent profile | Fir, Oak moss, Birch tar, Cedarwood, Clary sage
  • Size  |  4oz Spice Jar (re-use after the candle is gone!)
  • Made in Victoria, BC by Salt Spring Candle Co for SALT 
Collaboration |  We were so excited for this particular collaboration. Working with the scent experts at Salt Spring Island Candle Co. helped us to create three custom scent combinations that we are super jazzed about. Every candle is hand poured using 100% natural soy wax and 100% pure essential oils. These eco-friendly ingredients won't clutter your air with toxins, they'll fill your home with refreshment, calm, and ambience. Be sure to let the wax melt right to the edges of the glass every time you light it to ensure proper burning.

About SALT

SALT Travel Candle | Howe Sound
SALT Travel Candle | Howe Sound Sale price$23.00 CAD

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I don’t usually like scented candles at all...and I love this one so much. It feels earthy and healthy and just the right amount of scent to charm me when I walk back into the room.

Best smelling candle!!!

I love this candle. I feel like I often gravitate towards candles that smell like the outdoors, but this one is the real deal. The scent isn't fake at all and also isn't overpowering, its just perfect.

Best smelling candle I've ever had.

This candle is AMAZING, it smells like a west coast campfire. I've been burning it basically every night since I bought it and am still obsessed. Highly recommend.

Suzanne Bradbury
Candle smells like a forest camping trip on the edge of the ocean

I love this candle so much. I give it to everyone I know for gifts and they love it too. It smells like our beautiful wild west coast - a combination of forest, campfires, and ocean storms.