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Current Crew-Neck TeeCurrent Crew-Neck Tee
Current Crew-Neck Tee Sale price$62.00 CAD
Buy 2 & Save $11
Nerio TeeNerio Tee - SALT Shop
Nerio Tee Sale price$62.00 CAD
Ula V-neck TeeUla V-neck Tee
Ula V-neck Tee Sale price$62.00 CAD
Buy 2 & Save $11
Treva Tee - SALT ShopTreva Tee - SALT Shop
Treva Tee Sale price$62.00 CAD
Buy 2 & Save $11
Oceana CardiganOceana Cardigan - SALT Shop
Oceana Cardigan Sale price$135.00 CAD
Fjord Box TopFjord Box Top
Fjord Box Top Sale price$84.00 CAD
Buy 2 & Save $15
Crew ToqueCrew Toque - SALT Shop
Crew Toque Sale price$38.00 CAD
select options on saleBotanical Long Sleeve WaffleBotanical Long Sleeve Waffle
Botanical Long Sleeve Waffle Sale priceFrom $50.40 CAD Regular price$84.00 CAD
Buy 2 & Save $15
Save 75%Lana Tank - SALT ShopLana Tank - SALT Shop
Lana Tank Sale price$12.00 CAD Regular price$48.00 CAD
Yara Tank - SALT ShopYara Tank
Yara Tank Sale price$60.00 CAD
Swell HoodieSwell Hoodie
Swell Hoodie Sale price$142.00 CAD
Tidal PantTidal Pant
Tidal Pant Sale price$158.00 CAD
Save 75%Lana Tank  |  SALT - SALT ShopLana Tank  |  SALT - SALT Shop
Lana Tank | SALT Sale price$12.00 CAD Regular price$48.00 CAD
Cari Basic Tank - SALT ShopCari Basic Tank - SALT Shop
Cari Basic Tank Sale price$48.00 CAD
Buy 2 & Save $8
Harbour Top - SALT ShopHarbour Top - SALT Shop
Harbour Top Sale price$145.00 CAD
Back in Stock!Mizuko Jumpsuit - SALT ShopMizuko Jumpsuit - SALT Shop
Mizuko Jumpsuit Sale price$195.00 CAD
Marine Crop TopMarine Crop Top
Marine Crop Top Sale price$58.00 CAD
Sold outSALT Candle | Howe Sound - SALT Shop
SALT Candle | Howe Sound Sale price$42.00 CAD
select options on saleMira LeggingMira Legging
Mira Legging Sale priceFrom $56.00 CAD Regular price$112.00 CAD
Sold outSALT Travel Candle | Howe SoundSALT Travel Candle | Howe Sound
SALT Travel Candle | Howe Sound Sale price$23.00 CAD
select options on salePacific Sweater |  Born From the OceanPacific Sweater |  Born From the Ocean
Pacific Sweater | Born From the Ocean Sale priceFrom $106.00 CAD Regular price$142.00 CAD
Sold outShore PantShore Pant
Shore Pant Sale price$195.00 CAD
SALT Candle | Sunshine Coast - SALT ShopSALT Candle | Sunshine Coast
SALT Candle | Sunshine Coast Sale price$42.00 CAD
Sold outTreva Tee |  Coastal Crew - SALT ShopTreva Tee |  Coastal Crew - SALT Shop
Treva Tee | Coastal Crew Sale price$62.00 CAD
Buy 2 & Save $11
SALT Candle | Salish Sea - SALT Shop
SALT Candle | Salish Sea Sale price$42.00 CAD
Sold outSTAY SALTY | Current Crew-Neck Tee
SALT Travel Candle | Sunshine Coast
Save 30%Stay Salty | Guppy TeeStay Salty | Guppy Tee
Stay Salty | Guppy Tee Sale price$26.60 CAD Regular price$38.00 CAD
Save 50%Guppy Tee | Coastal CrewGuppy Tee | Coastal Crew
Guppy Tee | Coastal Crew Sale price$19.00 CAD Regular price$38.00 CAD
Sold outSave 75%Lana Tank  |  Coastal Crew - SALT ShopLana Tank  |  Coastal Crew - SALT Shop
Lana Tank | Coastal Crew Sale price$12.00 CAD Regular price$48.00 CAD
Save 50%Guppy Tee | SALTGuppy Tee | SALT
Guppy Tee | SALT Sale price$19.00 CAD Regular price$38.00 CAD
Guppy Tee | WaffleGuppy Tee | Waffle
Guppy Tee | Waffle Sale price$38.00 CAD
Sold outThe Cabin Collection | Bath SoakThe Cabin Collection | Bath Soak
The Cabin Collection | Bath Soak Sale price$24.00 CAD
Sold outSave 30%Rio Button Up - SALT ShopRio Button Up - SALT Shop
Rio Button Up Sale price$124.00 CAD Regular price$178.00 CAD
Mira ShortsMira Shorts
Mira Shorts Sale price$86.00 CAD
Skipper PJ LeggingsSkipper PJ Leggings
Skipper PJ Leggings Sale price$22.00 CAD
Guppy TeeGuppy Tee
Guppy Tee Sale price$38.00 CAD
Sold outBeach Bag  |  Waxed Canvas - SALT ShopBeach Bag  |  Waxed Canvas
Beach Bag | Waxed Canvas Sale price$160.00 CAD
SALT Travel Candle | Summer Camp
SALT Travel Candle | Summer Camp Sale price$23.00 CAD
Kid's Swell HoodieKid's Swell Hoodie
Kid's Swell Hoodie Sale price$56.00 CAD
Save 50%Fjord Box Top | RainFjord Box Top | Rain
Fjord Box Top | Rain Sale price$42.00 CAD Regular price$84.00 CAD
Save 50%Ula V-neck Tee | Past ColoursUla V-neck Tee | Past Colours
Ula V-neck Tee | Past Colours Sale price$31.00 CAD Regular price$62.00 CAD
Skipper Kid's Bike ShortsSkipper Kid's Bike Shorts
Skipper Kid's Bike Shorts Sale price$32.00 CAD
Save 50%Guppy Tee | Past ColoursGuppy Tee | Past Colours
Guppy Tee | Past Colours Sale price$19.00 CAD Regular price$38.00 CAD
Save 50%Tidal Pant | Tidal GreenTidal Pant | Tidal Green
Tidal Pant | Tidal Green Sale price$79.00 CAD Regular price$158.00 CAD
Save 50%Oceana Cardigan | SandOceana Cardigan | Sand
Oceana Cardigan | Sand Sale price$67.50 CAD Regular price$135.00 CAD
Save 30%Swell Hoodie - SALT ShopSwell Hoodie - SALT Shop
Swell Hoodie | Tidal Sale price$99.00 CAD Regular price$142.00 CAD